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December 6, 2022
employment act 1955 amendments

Employment Act 1955: Key Amendments and Changes

Reading Time: < 1 min In Malaysia, the Employment Act 1955 is one of the most important laws that govern employment. The last time it was amended was in 2011 – […]
November 29, 2022

About A New Prime Minister, Salary Increases, and Gig Worker Protections: HR News Roundup for November 2022

Reading Time: 2 mins It’s been a dramatic month for news, and the HR world is no exception. Here’s BrioHR’s top HR news stories for November 2022. Anwar Ibrahim Becomes […]
October 27, 2022

About Malaysia’s Polls, Rehiring Air Crew, and Rising Healthcare Costs: HR News Roundup for October 2022

Reading Time: 2 mins The big news this month is Malaysia’s general election, which may lead to a raft of new HR policies. It’s far from the only newsworthy story […]
September 29, 2022
Public FaceMask

About Mask Mandates, Layoffs, and Freelance Workers: HR News Roundup for September 2022

Reading Time: 1 min As we see pandemic-related quarantines and mask mandates being loosened, we also see layoffs and workers feeling disconnected. Here’s BrioHR’s HR news roundup from Southeast Asia […]
August 30, 2022
august news

About the Deferred Employment Act, Mask Requirements, and Going Back to the Office: HR News Roundup for August 2022

Reading Time: 2 mins The big news this month is the last-minute postponement of Malaysia’s newly amended Employment Act. It’s far from the only newsworthy story in the region though: […]
July 28, 2022

About Minimum Wage Breaches, Sick Workers, and Hiring Freezes: HR News Roundup for July 2022

Reading Time: 2 mins A mixed bag of news from the region, but it does show a silver lining as we may (or may not) face a new phase of […]
April 12, 2022

BrioHR SME Employment Index: Positive Market Recovery Signs In 2022

Reading Time: 2 mins According to the newly launched SME Employment Index, the SME sector of Malaysia is showing positive signs of recovery as they tackle the labor shortage […]
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