About BrioHR

BrioHR [pronounced ˈbriːəʊ ˌeɪtʃ ˈɑː(r) ; “brEEyow-aych-are”] is a diverse team of experts from multiple fields, committed to simplifying HR management software for everyone so that employees, HR teams and management can get right to business with peace of mind.

Meet The Management Team

Benjamin Croc

Benjamin Croc

Cofounder & CEO

Benjamin developed his passion for people management as he built, led, and scaled teams of up to 200+ at PwC and CMA-CGM, and in advising leading organizations both as a McKinsey consultant and internally while heading Lazada’s strategy department, and consistently saw a common pattern: companies always considered people their most crucial success element, but lacked the tools and equipment to help their people reach their full potential.

In 2018 he created BrioHR, an all-in-one HR management software to help companies implement and maintain effective people management, leading to more productive employees and improved company performance.

Nabil Oudghiri

Nabil Oudghiri

Cofounder & CTO

A former product and technology consultant who headed the integration department in-house at a leading Singaporean financial consultancy, Nabil believes that technology is capable of changing how people work for the better, driving him to start BrioHR together with Ben. While leading a diverse and experienced tech team at BrioHR, he is ever ready to contribute to sales and marketing initiatives, or provide perspective to other team members on different projects.

Perennially easy-going and laidback despite the demands on his time and attention, Nabil will be the first to check in on colleagues jumping in their seats, and is always happy to join an out-of-office karaoke session to serenade team members.

Sasha Yap

Sasha Yap

Head of Marketing

Our resident storyteller, surfer, self-defense instructor, and wanderer has alternately advised and led teams in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, industry giants, and startups to launch new businesses & distribution channels, acquire & retain customers, and protect & improve reputations locally & internationally.

Due to an insatiable curiosity and sense of adventure (and inherent inability to keep still) Sasha is often out catching waves, training herself & others in self-defense techniques, and exploring the world, all while doing her part to help transform the workplace stories of millions around the globe.

Jon Cohen

Jon Cohen

Head of People & Culture

Jon leads recruitment and talent management at BrioHR through his unique blend of brilliant professionalism and fondness for mischief. Ever friendly, congenial, and always thinking several steps ahead, his experience as a Human Resources Consultant, then as a manager and Head of Talent Acquisition in household names makes him a multi-functional member of the team: whether sourcing potential candidates for BrioHR, advising the Product team on Recruiting requirements to improve customer experience, or fronting the company at major events.

While notorious in the office for his immense self-discipline and dedication to goals, Jon also holds the BrioHR ‘Online Shopper of the Century’ award. Whenever a parcel arrives, there is a 99.99% probability that it’s for Jon.

Christophe Lejeune

Christophe Lejeune

General Manager, France

Former CEO of Lazada, part of the Alibaba Group, Christophe’s expertise with building juggernaut brands and superstar teams now powers BrioHR’s European ambitions. Famed for growing sales by a factor of 5 and onboarding household brands like Apple, Samsung and Unilever in Lazada, and leading 20 projects in 7 countries prior to that while at Boston Consulting Group, Christophe’s legendary abilities now see him leading the charge to transform workplaces across Europe.

Our Values

We believe in flexibility, fairness, and fun. We believe in making workplaces efficient and human. And at the base of all these beliefs are our three core values:


We believe in respecting ourselves and those around us – whether colleagues, clients, partners, or the lady who helps ensure our office is sparkling clean. We believe in respecting the opinions of others, even if we disagree. We believe in respecting ourselves enough not to stand for prejudice, bigotry, or any inflammatory behavior. We believe in respecting the independence of thought that everyone is entitled to, the experience each person brings to the table, and – most importantly – in respecting the trust placed in each of us by those around us every day.


We believe that every person brings something inherently individual to the table, and we encourage their diversity & independence – of thought, experience, behavior, and action. Whether it’s a person who prefers not to hang out together after work, who loves going hiking with colleagues, who spent years in traditional conglomerates, or who has just graduated from university, we believe every one has a right to their own opinion (so long as it is not prejudiced, bigoted, or inflammatory) and we will absolutely never expect or tolerate ‘herd mentality’ or forcing others to drink the Kool-aid.


There can be no meaningful interaction without trust – whether it be clients trusting us with their HR solutions, partners trusting us to work together for mutual benefit, or colleagues trusting each other to respect opinions, boundaries and contributions – trust underpins every single thing we do. We treasure the trust placed in us, and will never take it for granted – rather, we work hard every day to prove ourselves worthy of that trust. We expect each person who joins us to do the same.

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