Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Hire the right employees faster

With BrioHR Applicant Tracking System, easily collect and share feedback after candidate screening and interview, boost collaboration across the recruitment process stakeholders, and make faster and more robust hiring decisions.

BrioHR recruitment modules
BrioHR accelerate recruitment

Accelerate your recruitment process

Manage job openings and applications in your BrioHR dashboard, add or remove jobs from your career page in one click, and easily screen candidates based on their resume or their answers to pre-screening questions.

Hire the best candidates

Create your own interview scorecards and feedback forms that can be filled up on mobile. Hire the best candidate with clear screening and interview ratings, and KIV others in your very own searchable candidate database.

BrioHR hire best candidate
BrioHR recruitment onboard employee

Kick start the onboarding in one click

Easily share job openings on social media, automatically collect applications, get visibility across the full recruitment process, and make a sound hiring decision. Now start the onboarding in one click and watch your new superstar be “Wowed!”

Turbocharge your HR processes, make your life easier!