Expense claims

Seamlessly manage expense claims

Make it easy for employees to submit an expense claim and seamlessly keep track of it with automated notifications to review and approve. No more endless paperwork or reconciliation of different sources to process expense claims!

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BrioHR Process Leave Request

Automatically manage expense claims limits

No more tedious monitoring of the amounts allowed or whether employees have reached their max allowance. Let BrioHR take care of this for you – with easy setting of transaction, monthly or yearly limits for each claim category.

Customize approval workflows

Because each organization is different, BrioHR allows you to define the right approval workflow based on your practices, so that you can be sure that the right person will approve the right expense claim.

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Integrate with payroll and accounting

As part of the fully integrated suite of modules, you can leverage integration capabilities with payroll and accounting softwares to have the expense claim information flow seamlessly.

Turbocharge your HR processes, make your life easier!