Digital Employee File

All the information you need, in one place

Digital employee file is the core of your HR and will help you get rid of those countless share points, excel spreadsheets, and even paper forms

Briohr Digital Employee file
BrioHR Information Documents

Keep important information and documents handy

Your HR records have never been so neat. Manage employee information, career history, projects, training records, equipment, documents…all accessible in one place and automatically synced with our reporting module to extract what you need, when you need it

Easy to customize as you need

Because we know that all companies have their own needs, we made it easy to create your own database structure. Just click to add a custom field, and you are set. You can customize per location and even down to employee level.

BrioHR Easy to Customize
BrioHR organisation chart

Boost cohesion for remote teams

From updating their virtual office in the about me section to browsing through the company directory and organization chart, your employees have never been closer to each other. BrioHR is one of the only softwares in the company that everyone uses actively.

Turbocharge your HR processes, make your life easier!