Run payroll in minutes

BrioHR is an approved payroll vendor* and helps you stay compliant with the latest regulations thanks to easy access to relevant information and automated calculations.

*LHDN approved for Malaysia, compliant with CPF and AIS for Singapore, more to come!

Run Payroll in Minutes
Integrated with other modules

Integrated with BrioHR modules and beyond

Integration with onboarding automates payroll setup for new employees, and leaves and expense claims automatically flow into payroll. BrioHR also link with your preferred accounting software for an even more seamless experience.

Fully compliant with regulatory bodies

From the auto-calculation of employee and employer contributions to the generation of payslips and statutory forms, payroll processing has never been easier. Easily manage monthly and hourly pay, create recurring items for a set period of time, or add items in bulk.

Compliant with regulatory bodies

Quick access to relevant reports

Comprehensive reporting at company and employee level, both on-screen for quick glance and ready to download for more in depth analysis. Generate draft reports before submitting payroll and ensure 100% accuracy.

Turbocharge your HR processes, make your life easier!