New Joiner Onboarding

Engage employees even before Day 1

With our onboarding module, new joiners are engaged right from the offer letter and have the best onboarding experience they ever had. BrioHR helps you make the right first impression, improving employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

BrioHR Onboarding Dashboard
BrioHR employee onboarding

Dedicated new joiner access

New hires have their own access to get instant visibility on the onboarding process. They can enter their information, upload documents, and access company documents when available, saving a huge amount of time to HR while enjoying the best employee experience.

From pre-boarding up to the end of probation period

The dashboard tells you at a glance who is at which stage of their onboarding along with all relevant information, enabling you to monitor and take action on the spot to ensure a smooth experience right from offer letter until confirmation, with automated reminders and notifications all along.

BrioHR Preboarding to Probation end
BrioHR Onboarding Configuration

Custom onboarding tracks

Because you don’t onboard a marketing intern the exact way you onboard a senior director of finance, you can easily customize your onboarding process and create multiple onboarding tracks as relevant.

Turbocharge your HR processes, make your life easier!