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LHDN-Approved Payroll System

Reduce time spent on basics:

  • Integration with Leave Management automate calculations.
  • Integration with Employee File and Onboarding reduce admin work.
  • Payslip customization to match corporate identity and requirements.
  • Payslip generation by employee as required for bank loans, etc.

Remove errors:

  • Accurate, on-time disbursement, with reporting & analytics functions.

Accessible By

HR Team

Payroll Team



Now available in Singapore!

Peace of mind

HR teams, Payroll teams, and employees can rest assured that monthly compensation will be delivered accurately, on-time, and in line with government regulations.

In Line with Statutory Requirements

Approved by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN) or the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board.

Full Suite of Deductions

Calculate tax, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Zakat and more contributions for employer and employee. Options for unpaid leave and cash advances available too.

Live Support

Our Customer Success Team comprises Payroll experts ready to assist with your enquiries.

Payroll Guide Provided

We provide a Payroll Guide which will assist you with understanding methods of calculations, statutory deductions, methods of payment and deadlines, and more.


Meeting all local regulatory requirements, our Payroll module is now available to all companies in Singapore seeking accurate, on-time, simple, and cloud-based Payroll software.

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