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Onboard For Success

Reduce time to productivity: engage your new joiner up to one month before their start date.

Complete all relevant administrative tasks like security clearance and setting up laptop.

Connect them with their team and prepare them for job tasks in advance.

Accessible By

New Joiner

HR Team

Hiring Manager

Relevant Departments: Security, Property, IT, etc.

You’ve recruited an amazing talent, and the team can’t wait for them to start. Between now and then, there are multiple administrative tasks and departments to liaise with, such as IT, Property, Security, and of course the new joiner’s future department.

Integrated Communications & Checklists

Our Onboarding module prepares the new recruit for their first day with checklists and all the necessary information for a smooth start, while also listing all tasks necessary for HR, hiring managers, IT and the like.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders are also available to ensure everything is in place for your new recruit’s first day with your organization.

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