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Digitalize for efficiency & accuracy. Integrated with Recruitment, Performance ManagementLeave, OnboardingPayroll, and Smart Org Chart.




Easy To Use


Reduce time spent on basics with our smart, simple, and integrated employee file management.

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Find What You Need, Fast

Fast and accurate employee information management is possible with our live updates, customizable access permissions, smart categories, easy search, and full integration.


Competitive pricing for an easily scalable File Management module means you pay only for what you use!

Reports & Analytics

Prepare HR and annual reports faster, whether it’s demographics, years of experience, geographies, or more.

Save Man-Hours (& Costs)

Speed up basic HR tasks with our simple and intuitive Employee File Management solution.

Control Access

Set permissions for what employees can update, and what others (including managers) are allowed to view.

Fully Integrated To Save Time

Integrated with Recruitment, Performance Management, PayrollOnboardingLeave and Smart Org Chart. This means less time spent by HR & employees updating information separately or repetitively (such as when a candidate is hired). 

Simplify HR Admin

Speed up basic HR administrative tasks such as completing forms for basic information or updates to employee status (e.g. an employee earned a new professional certification which will help him/her progress to a more senior position).

Enable managers and other colleagues to easily find individuals for projects based on smart searches & filters.

Plus: with our smart settings, you have peace of mind that employee data is stored correctly, is always up to date, and that privacy settings are in compliance with legal / regulatory requirements at all times.

Well-Maintained Database

All employee data is stored centrally, and employees themselves can easily provide updates – no more hassles for changing Payroll information, updating awards & achievements, or even finding the right person.

Integrated With Full HR Management Suite

Since employees are the core of any business, our Digital Employee Files module is integrated seamlessly with Payroll, Performance Management, Onboarding, Leave Management, and more.

Privacy Controls

HR decides who can view what on an employee’s digital file, and how much employees can edit about themselves. Enjoy peace of mind knowing employee information is securely stored & managed, 24/7!

Synced With Mobile App

For those on the go, who need to urgently connect with a member of another department, our complementary mobile app provides the full list of company personnel plus all the info you need!

“BrioHR has really helped us transform our HR function from an administrative to a strategic one. The intuitive software interface and streamlined functionality has helped us manage our HR operations robustly during a period of high growth for our company. In addition, we have benefited from excellent customer support.”

– David Z Wang

“BrioHR’s product is not only extremely simple and built with end-users in mind, their experts even provided change management training to Line Managers – who link the office with front-line – who were so sold on the product they went out and convinced everyone in the company of its benefits. With speedy 100% adoption, we didn’t even need to take BrioHR up on their offer to train our staff – everyone was onboard and loving it immediately!”

– Kevin Nozaique

“With BrioHR, we found a product that was fully functional and configurable to suit us, and a team that was extremely supportive and responsive, so from testing only two back-end modules we have rolled out more functions to our full staff, and we couldn’t be happier with how much easier it’s made HR tasks!”

– Edward Widjonarko

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