Simple, integrated, modular and configurable

Our cloud-based & secure HR management software is developed to:

  • Deliver a seamless user-friendly experience for all
  • Provide the data and reports you need quickly and accurately
  • Ensure reconciliation with accounting
  • Safeguard data while enjoying real-time updates over cloud

A single cloud-based HR management software with multiple HR modules, integrated across desktop and our mobile app so that BrioHR can work for you anytime, anywhere.


Integrated HR Management Software

Smart Organization Chart

Everything you need in one place

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Reporting & Analytics

Real-time, easy to understand data

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Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Module

With built-in Applicant Tracking System and social integration

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Talent Development

Performance Management

OKR-enabled with 360 feedback

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Add Value

HR & Organizational Strategy

Plan, Adapt & Transform

Set up new departments or restructure teams easily with our intuitive Click & Drag. Create new roles to fill from a birds eye view with seamless integration to our Recruitment module.

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Find What You Need, Fast

Integration with Digital Employee Files means we help employees find whoever they need in the organization quickly, whether for a new project, troubleshooting, or just to play badminton with.

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Reporting & Analytics

With built-in tracking and analytics across all our modules, and a single reporting dashboard, BrioHR gives you the information you need to make decisions faster and more accurately.

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Build the right team

Talent Acquisition

End-to-End Tracking

Applicant is tracked through the system, reducing time-to-hire and costs of an open position, while feedback and comments are logged at each stage.

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Collaborative All-Users Access

Integrated & transparent, so hiring managers know what’s happening and are involved every step of the way.

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Job Portal Integration

Integrated with major recruitment platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed to help you attract the right talent, faster.

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Career Page Management

Micro-pages for your company’s job recruitment needs, customized to your organization. Seamless and easy to update.

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Interview Templates & Scorecards

Recommended rating systems and questions pre-programmed by our experts. Or develop your own templates that are pre-populated every time to reduce time spent on interview prep and increase changes of hiring the right candidate for your business needs.

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Lead better

Talent Management, Retention & Engagement


Engage employees even before Day One, while keeping their new team members updated & involved every step of the way.

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Digital Employee File Management

Integrated from recruitment through every phase of an employee’s life with the organization.

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Time Attendance

Whether timesheets or electronic tagging systems, our time attendance module will provide an accurate overview of employees at work.

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Leave Management

Update leave policies, and apply for, approve, reject, cancel, and amend leave requests on the go. Integrated with communications and Payroll.

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Payroll & Claims

Fully compliant with government requirements, our Payroll system is optimized for flexi-benefits and integrated with other modules.

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Grow your people

Talent Development

Competency Management

Manage & develop key skills for every employee, personalizing their professional development and growth.

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Linking actionable objectives to measurable results to ensure employees are constantly contributing towards their own, their team’s, and the organization’s long-term goals.

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360 Feedback

Ensure objective and accurate assessments every time, across the board, via our performance management system.

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Live Progress Reports

Set your review cycles quarterly, half-yearly or annually, and use any of our pre-set templates complete with questions and rating system. Or just opt to have performance updates in real-time.

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Payroll Integration

For organizations that link employee performance directly with bonuses and other benefits.

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Why Choose BrioHR?


Save Time On HR Admin

Save 14 hours a week by automating admin tasks.


Recruit Candidates Faster


Boost Employee Experience

Enhance collaboration & performance with 17% higher productivity.


Live Support From Experts

Trainings provided, and experts available via chat, email, and phone call.

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Advise From The Experts

Free HR Guides

From payroll, to talent acquisition, to remote recruitment and working from home, our HR experts have prepared the only references you'll ever need!

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