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We’re always looking for independent-thinkers who want to transform workplaces around the world!

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Unlimited leave, flexi-hours, the ability to contribute from anywhere – those aren’t just fancy selling points on paper. At BrioHR, we take our hiring seriously so that every single individual who comes onboard brings needed expertise, a responsible & professional attitude, and a sense of fun & dynamism to the team.

We trust each team member to do what is best for BrioHR, whether they’re working from a beach in Bali or at a French ski resort (or from their couch in Kuala Lumpur). And we will always respect & celebrate the fact that every individual is unique and has a life outside the office, because we’re about great people, not great robots.

Remember: It’s not work if you’re doing it with brio!

Teams & Open Positions

Want to make a difference to workplaces around the world, while having a great time? Click on the role you believe you can best fit, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Our Office

Ideally located along major highways, within walking distance of multiple shopping malls and F&B areas, our open plan and laid-back office features a great view and a ridiculously well-stocked pantry.

Perks & Benefits

A great workplace is more than tangible (or financial) benefits: it’s a team that supports, trusts, respects and understands each other, it’s a career path that develops you professionally & personally. That’s a given at BrioHR. Oh on top of all that, we also provide the below.

Competitive Salary

We believe in rewarding our team fairly, because it demonstrates how much we value each person.

Fully Equipped Pantry

Our Nespresso machine never stops working, while the snacks and food keep coming!



Complete insurance coverage for you and your immediate family, because we’re all human beings.

Work Remotely

We trust that every individual who joins us is a responsible & professional adult.

Unlimited Leave

We will always encourage team members to enjoy life outside the office, no questions asked.

Multicultural Team

With team members from all over the world, we are super proud of our diversity & uniqueness!

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