My love for cats started when I first met them. Initially, my mother always scolded me for bringing home stray cats whenever I found them. But she eventually gave in and allowed me to adopt a cat. When I was 7 years old, I used to hit my schoolmate with a broom stick whenever I saw her splashing a glass of cold water on the cat at our hostel. That’s how much I love these fur babies.

2 years ago when MCO had just started, I found a mommy cat with her 2 adorable babies in a wet box near my apartment. Despite having an allergy to the fur, I brought them home. I named them Mommy, Pepper and Peanut. Surprisingly, my allergy has been cured by itself since then. I take care of them like my own sisters. Sisters because sometimes they annoy me and we get into a fight. I have scratches on my body almost everyday but yet I still love them. That’s what sisters do, right?
I get up every morning and feed them breakfast before having mine and play with them before I get started with my work. To me, they are like ‘My Zen Masters’. Just with a simple cuddle or watch them play or sleep can wash away the stress I have. I also don’t need to set my alarm every morning because they will wake me up at the same time every single day.
Somehow I feel they are the reason I wake up everyday, even on the days I don’t feel like getting out of bed. They say rich people have clothes with brand labels, and happy people have cat hair on their clothes. Yes, I am a happy cat guardian.
Nadzra is currently working in BrioHR as a Client Success Specialist where she develops and maintains long-term business relationships with our clients. Her lovely cats even join our weekly team meetings.