Making a career switch from law to customer support was not purely due to not finding fulfilment, but I also wanted to experience something different. It was a big step, and not an easy decision to make, but was truly a life changing moment for me.

The pandemic made it harder as well, as many firms were downsizing. But it also made me realize how important work-life balance is, spending time with loved ones, and doing what gives you joy and satisfaction. At the end of the day, I would encourage people to do what makes them truly happy and most importantly what gives them peace. And in my case, it meant doing something totally different than what I had studied for!
Based on my experience, I would encourage others to be brave to explore different fields or opportunities. Coming from a totally different career background, this surprisingly turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Working in BrioHR, my job everyday involves beyond customer support. I am grateful to be in a company where the bosses truly care for each and every one of their employees and give us the freedom to express our ideas and opinions. My work in BrioHR extends beyond support work. I have also been given the freedom to incorporate my skills and work together with the product development team, as well as the marketing team. I also actively work on back end projects relating to internal structure and organization of the team.
Values that are important to me in my career:
1. Office culture – In BrioHR the culture is welcoming, collaborative and transparent! Having employers who trust their employees and work alongside them. Being equally accountable to each other and share credit fairly. More importantly, having progressive thinking employers who say they care about your opinions and mental health and REALLY mean it!
2. Having meaning, over passion and ambition – Majority of our time is spent working. Having passion and ambition is important, no doubt. But what drives me is having meaning in what I do every day. The pandemic thought me that life is so short and what matters at the end of the day, is if you truly happy with your life and the things you do on a daily basis. Are you doing it because you have to do it, or are you doing it because you want to do it?
Although I have made a career switch, I am still able to practise my communication and analytical thinking skills from my previous experience as a litigator. I also still continue to build relationships with my clients and extend my assistance to the problems they face.
Rubini is currently working in BrioHR as a Client Success Specialist, and also runs her own company selling hot chocolate & iced tea – Ann & Ash Beverages. She also does a lot of animal foster and rescue, as she is deeply passionate about animal welfare and has rescued many stray animals that were injured or homeless. In her spare time, she also enjoys painting and baking, a skill she picked up during the MCO.