Photography has been a hobby of mine since quite a while. It started off as a simple urge to capture the random moments or things that caught my eye, but it turned out to be quite an eye-opening discovery. Through photography, I realized that one could make something mundane into something extraordinary, and share beautiful and unique moments in this world that usually pass by unnoticed. From there, I experimented with both street photography and also wildlife photography. Both of which have different charms.

With wildlife photography, I especially love the tiny details when capturing birds and insects up-close. You’d think that they would simply look like a normal bird or insect as you typically see from afar, but up-close is where you notice the mesmerizing colors and unique beauty of each one of them.
Street photography on the other hand, is more liberating, and it gives me the opportunity to capture moments – heartwarming moments between random strangers, or even moments where you can truly feel the raw and pure emotions of the subject in the photo. It’s none of those usual poses and controlled smiles we see on social media, just pure emotions and honest reactions. Another core part of it is the joy of stumbling upon new places or unexpected things to capture. Because of this, I love getting lost in the city, because you never know, you might just discover some random and interesting places.
Some photographers like editing while others don’t. I’d say I would be a part of the latter group. I prefer to take photos without needing heavy editing because I want it to look natural. I really love photography because I find it really refreshing and it helps me to focus on the present moment. It’s an entirely different experience in comparison to my job as a Software Engineer, and it allows me to enjoy both my work and my free time in different ways.
Asyraf is currently working as a Software Engineer at BrioHR, and thanks to him, most of us at BrioHR have amazing profile pictures where he randomly captures shots of us at company events.