I always loved art. When I was a kid, my parents encouraged me to draw, and that’s how I developed my drawing skills. I even took drawing as a subject in my SPM examination, and scored an A1. As I grew up, I realized that art is not just about drawing. There are so many forms of art, for example sculpture, architecture, filmmaking, photography, fashion, and many more.

To me, art is about the wide range of human practices to produce creative expressions. I believe that art and skills are both related. If you are not passionate about a specific art, it is hard to master the skills you need.
Cooking has always been my passion, and I consider it as a form of art. It started when I was around 15 years old. I always disturbed my mom when she was busy cooking – asking her why she puts certain ingredients, when is the exact time to put the fish or chicken in the pan, and I can still recall asking her why she had to put coconut milk to make ‘rendang’. I am the best cook in my family. I enjoy cooking for my family when we have our gatherings. I’ve mostly mastered Malay cuisine – nasi ayam, nasi tomato, ayam rendang, bihun sup, laksa, and more.
Another form of art I enjoy doing is haircutting. I used to cut my friend’s hair when I was in boarding school, and charged them RM2 per haircut. Nowadays, I still do it for my family members and male neighbors.
Hafiz is passionate about art and design. He is currently working at BrioHR as a UI/UX Manager. He oversees the web and mobile app design, and finds it thrilling to solve a problem by connecting it to his designs. He also enjoys doing sports, gardening, and landscaping on the weekends.