As a person with many interests and passions, I like to keep things interesting in my life to spice it up. Travels, food, music, TV, and games are just a few things that I use to add flavour to my life. Having a more immersive approach to life allows me to see things from a different angle while making the best out of my experiences.

One of my biggest passions is fitness, specifically weightlifting. There is a lot of satisfaction in getting stronger, bit by bit, day by day. Being able to lift 2-3kg more than I could in the last month gives me a sense of achievement that lasts longer than most things in life. Then there is also the process of trial and error in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Learning that it’s ok to be wrong but do better the next time is a huge part of weightlifting, and it also allows me to apply that same mindset to other areas of my life. Seeing the results of my work and seeing my body improve tells me that I am on the right track and sets a very result-oriented approach to my entire system.

Focusing on fitness has given me a lot of benefits, among them being having more mental clarity and more energy to do other things in life like being able to focus more on work, planning trips, enjoying shows and playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) with friends, other than the obvious health benefits. Since I’ve been adopted by BrioHR as a team member, I’ve been also dipping my toes into hiking, kickboxing, and other sporting activities with my new teammates. Even though my body isn’t anywhere near my goal, being able to see tangible progress is satisfying. Besides, the best reason to work out is so that I can eat more food without getting fat.

Kok Chung is an easy-going person who could talk passionately about something he enjoys doing – it almost feels like you’re in that city that he has traveled to, or playing that D&D game that he has played. He is currently working at BrioHR as a Client Success Specialist where he is responsible for building, managing, and growing the relationships with our clients.