The Company

Founded in 2018, Omnilytics is a fashion analytics and insights software that provides real-time data and competitor analysis for fashion retailers. These insights help brands make buying and stocking decisions most effectively and efficiently. The aim is to increase sales margins and optimize assortments for revenue and profit.

With the mission to help brands and businesses trade more efficiently, Omnilytics is a recognized leader in retail intelligence – helping entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises (like Uniqlo parent company Fast Retailing, Global Fashion Group, and Puma) extract insights from billions of data points every single day. Omnilytics analytical solutions are powered by more than 90 employees located globally and utilize BrioHR to manage their daily HR operations.

Meet Rilla, Associate Director of People & Operations from Omnilytics

With over ten years of experience in the HR industry, Rilla joined the fashion analytics company as a People & Operations Manager back in 2018. Back then, the company only had 30 employees and managed its HR operations manually. For the company to scale rapidly, she quickly realized that her main priority was to digitalize the company’s daily HR operations.

From her experience, Rilla has good knowledge and exposure to HR software in the market. “You can’t run away from the HR system,” says Rilla. The company has gone from 30 to 90 employees from all around the world, and it is not slowing down.

Not all HR Software are created equal

Speaking from her past experience in large corporations, these companies used tools such as Oracle or SAP which are not ideal for companies that are in the midst of scaling rapidly, in terms of cost and user experience. On the other hand, she noticed many HR departments using a variety of tools to manage their recruitment efforts, HR operations, and employee performance which reduced productivity and was not cost-effective.

“Rather than juggling between different platforms, there has to be a better solution to manage all my needs in one platform,” says Rilla. That’s how she started looking for the right solution for Omnilytics that could scale with the company’s rapid growth while providing comprehensive modules. Rilla eventually encountered BrioHR upon recommendation by her ex-colleague.

A more organised way

Prior to having BrioHR, the company was safekeeping employee records using Google Drive which works but is not ideal. Problems such as having to constantly rename folders, moving documents across folders, and categorizing arose as the company’s headcount increased gradually. Rilla quickly realized the problem and started using the Digital Employee File Module from BrioHR. Now, employees’ records are better organized and the processes are streamlined in an effective and efficient manner as all operations can now be automated.

“What matters is we are being listened to as a customer”

“I appreciate the customer support as we constantly provide feedback to the BrioHR team, and we feel that our feedback is being heard. The flexibility of HR software is important. For example, companies from various industries have different ways of measuring employee performance. What matters is we are being listened to, as a customer, and the BrioHR team is taking the effort to improve the platform,” adds Rilla.