The Company

Founded by Jérôme Remeur, Hyppies is a recruitment company designed to help hyper growth companies to source the right talent at scale with an energetic tone of voice. Unlike other recruitment companies, Hyppies focuses on engaging talents who have great experience and the right skills required for startups.

The company is rapidly growing its presence in South East Asia with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The value proposition of the company is to not only find the right talent with the right skill, but also to emphasize on their motivation level and values. To ensure that the company scales rapidly, Hyppies uses BrioHR to streamline its cross-border recruitment, HR administration, and payroll process in a better way.

Meet Jérôme, Founder of Hyppies

Spending over 20 years in the corporate world, Jérôme sees the importance of a company culture and value, and how it impacts the company in the long run. He believes that a company’s value should not only be presented in a decorative way, but live and breathe by each member within the organisation.

The Most Important Department

Jérôme thinks that HR is the most important department in an organisation. However, he believes that it’s going to need a few more years in order for this statement to be understood by the majority. He recalls the onboarding process when he joined a sizable organisation previously as a General Manager, and the first person he was required to meet in the organisation was the Chief Financial Officer – to understand the financial background and future of the company.

Since then, Jérôme changed his onboarding agenda. Rather than meeting the CFO first, he will make his way to greet the HR team because it is one of the most crucial departments for any organisation. “HR determines the future roadmap of an organisation, as well as the talents that are going to be recruited, the retention rate, and what the headcount will be in the next two years”.

“Company finances are the outcome of everything else.”

You either make it or you break it depending on your people. In recent years, there are many successful startup stories happening in South East Asia. For instance, GoJek and Grab. The main difference between these two successful startups and the future of the startups lies within the company culture.

All in all, not all HR departments live up to the company’s expectations. Oftentimes, HR personnel focus too much on the administrative tasks rather than the overall employee experience. With the rise of HR software, Jérôme is pleased to see that HR functions within an organisation are living up to his expectation.