I’ve always been fond of hotpot and karaoke.  And I’d say hotpot first and then  karaoke, because you can’t sing if you don’t have food first. So why hotpot and karaoke? That’s because I love the idea of sharing something I adore with friends and colleagues. When I decide to  have a hotpot, I know I can’t have it on my own. I always have to get a group of people to enjoy it together. Then the process of picking our favorite steamboat ingredient begins, and there are a lot of intense discussions to accommodate everyone’s taste buds. In most hotpot places, you get to use your own creativity to make the best dipping sauce which I find pretty exciting and challenging.

Karaoke is kind of a stress-relieving activity for me. There are times where expectations from clients get a little stressful. In these moments, my go-to song is “Numb by Linkin Park” where I get to scream at the top of my lungs throughout the whole song. But sometimes, I go for Disney’s Frozen ‘Let it go’, just to save my voice for the next working day! When a colleague has saved my day, I thank her by letting her know that she is my Flashlight because she ‘Lights the way’! All in all, karaoke is a great time to have fun together. 

I’m in a working environment where teamwork plays a crucial role. In Client Success, we spend quite a bit of time discussing problems faced by clients, and how to manage their expectations. So it has somehow made me feel close to my colleagues. I’ve also always enjoyed making everyone feel comfortable in a group because I feel that it helps the team to form a stronger bond. Plus, knowing that my colleagues are there to back me up when I’m away, or have faith in them that they’ll be treating my clients well is such a satisfying feeling. My addiction for hotpot and karaoke definitely comes from my love for team spirit, teamwork, and knowing that great things can be done when there’s a strong bond in a team.

Edison is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, having a quick chat with him will instantly cheer up your day. He is currently working at BrioHR as a Client Success Executive where he ensures that BrioHR’s clients achieve the goals they were looking for when they started their journey with us, believing that people are the company’s most valuable asset.