I love sports and outdoor activities even from a very young age. I play football every week and guess that’s what kept me in shape after all these years (even with the lockdowns). I also like adventure sports like scuba diving, hiking, mountain climbing (yes, I hiked Mount Kinabalu), snowboarding, etc. These sports helped spark some life and gave me more energy which in some ways helped me in my career and social life when interacting with people, especially scuba diving where it helped me to remain calm in stressful situations. As a scuba diver, you need to remain calm (even sometimes you are fighting against the current), assess the situation, and then think of how you can overcome the situation.

As I have gradually become a dad in recent years to 2 little boys, the time has become more limited and precious as I would need to sacrifice some activities and spend time with the family. This is so that when they grow up sometime later, I can have buddies to join me on these activities. This has also impacted my work life quite drastically as I am a full-time dad which means I help out with house chores including taking care of the kids. Yes, I shower them, change their diapers, feed them, etc. and it is a full-time job. Weekends are pretty much about nannying and babysitting the kids.

All these have also changed the dynamics of work for me as I need to be on top of my game in terms of time management and also prioritization of tasks when it comes to working life. Hence, I need to manage my time well and be productive at work including improving the time spent on certain tasks or getting more done with a shorter amount of time. And now I treasure my work time even more as it also means that work time is also rest time from my daddy duties.

Wei Ee Lee is currently the Head of Sales at BrioHR. He oversees the sales operations team to ensure the strategy is in line with the company’s revenue and expansion plans.