My interest in baking ‘quiche’ (pronounced ‘keesh’ – a French tart consisting of pastry-crust filled with savoury custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood, or vegetables) started during my undergraduate days when I didn’t know what to do with wilted vegetables in my refrigerator. I looked up online on what can be done with wilted greens and voilà, I found websites that recommended quiche. I started with the dummy-proof quiche dough recipe (using oil, cold water, and flour) before venturing into the slightly complicated and different method (using butter). Over the years, my passion for baking sweets and savouries developed after attending numerous baking workshops, watching Youtube videos, reading cook books and blogs. I was curious about experimenting with different flavours, so I added a Malaysian touch to it by using spicy seafood tom yum and beef rendang. The outcome was amazing! What’s most interesting is that when I learned how to make quiche, I indirectly learned the origins of the recipe, the culture, and the history behind it. This was pretty awesome as it made me appreciate my own creation even more.

I’ve also been very passionate about learning foreign languages – especially French. I remember looking at a French storybook when I was 12 at school. It was my friend who brought the book and each foreign word intrigued me so much until I decided to join a French language class when I was 16. A decade later, I am still learning French, listening to French songs, and reading French subtitles. I won’t say I’m fluent but I could order a meal at a restaurant in France, or ask for directions. This came in handy when I did a solo trip to Strasbourg, France back in 2016. These days, I’m happy to use my French to tease my French colleagues!

Syakirah Jalil is a bubbly and jovial person who never fails to lighten up the mood when she is around her colleagues. She is currently working at BrioHR as a Client Success Executive where she is responsible for developing customer relationships by working closely with them to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive.

Photo: Syakirah feeling proud after baking her first handmade baguette