I’ve always liked to learn new skills – be it rock climbing, doing Muay Thai, hiking, or flying a plane! When I get into the unknown, it puts me outside of my comfort zone. This helps me gain new experiences and a greater perspective of the world around me. It somewhat trains my brain to handle a wide range of challenges and keeps my neural pathways active. This keeps me healthy physically and mentally.

I also see that when I try something new, I discover new things which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t do it, and this has helped me grow as a person. These discoveries gave me the confidence to apply the same thing at work – learning new skills at work enabled me to work more effectively. I’ve learned that whenever I decide to pick up a new skill in the workplace, it has helped stave off boredom and kept my interest level high. Doing the same things over and over again at work can quickly lead to boredom as it becomes monotonous. This is the way that I have found to break that cycle, which makes my day-to-day work activities much more interesting. Right now, I’m challenging myself with a new skill – to crochet a sweater! Wish me luck.

Catherine H. is a cheerful and lively person. She is currently working at BrioHR as a Sales Development Manager where she ensures that our potential and future clients get the best experience right from the start of their journey with us.