I think the masculine stereotypes of students and professionals in what has traditionally been considered a male-dominated industry has made a setback on many women from pursuing a software engineer degree, let alone career. Oftentimes, we focus too deeply on the technical aspects of programming and automatically think “programming is not for me”. As for me at 17, none of the courses appealed strongly to me, so I thought why not pick up a skill that is highly demanded, all I had was a “just do it” attitude. What I like about being a software engineer is that it challenges me – it trains my critical thinking. Being able to build features, contribute, and make an impact gives me a whole sense of achievement too.

Just like Muay Thai, it is hands down the best kind of cardio. I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from exerting power and energy from my body. The techniques and footwork is a constant work in progress, after each training session I get better and stronger. Most importantly, it’s fun and the best way to release stress.

Yee Voon is passionate about Muay Thai and coding. She is currently working as a Software Engineer at BrioHR where she works on existing and new features. She often writes, debugs, and tests codes while constantly improving both her technical and soft skills to better contribute to the team.