My first experience in Asia was in April 2017. My wife, who grew up in KL, and I spent five weeks traveling in different parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. The first thing I noticed about Malaysia was the heat and humidity. I had never experienced anything like this before.

While in Malaysia, we visited Pulau Redang, where I learned to scuba dive. We went to Sabah and stayed in the jungle along the Kinabatangan River. In Kuala Lumpur, I began to discover how livable the city is. It had always been my dream to live abroad, but after having visited Asia, and Kuala Lumpur in particular, I began to ask myself if this could be a real possibility. I enjoyed the climate, the people, the food, and discovered my new hobby scuba diving. I noticed how much more affordable it is to live in Malaysia compared to France. I experienced a new level of social tolerance that seemed more difficult for society in France.

After having returned home from our travels, I went back to my daily life, but the dream to live abroad stayed in the back of my mind. I started to find myself bored in France, longing for new professional challenges and a new rhythm in life. I had been working alone for five years and wanted to reintegrate back into a company while setting myself a goal to evolve within a company. I began searching for jobs in Malaysia. I knew I was more attracted to working in start-ups because I enjoy building things from scratch and working in an innovative and fast-paced environment, and I am happy to say, I found what I was looking for in BrioHR. After accepting a job with BrioHR, my wife and I packed up two suitcases and moved to Malaysia with our dog, Lobo back in September 2019. Our new adventure begins.

Since then, I can no longer imagine my life without nasi lemak daging from Village Park, a banana leaf lunch, or roti canai paired with a cup of teh-o ais limau. Sure, I miss the variety of cheese and wine that France has to offer, while I’m still searching for a place that offers good French baguette in K.L. But my life is good in Malaysia, at least I’m able to find a restaurant that serves raclette cheese and fondue. What more could I ask for?

Ben is currently a Software Engineer Lead in BrioHR. He ensures the engineering team is well structured while working efficiently. He enjoys reading books about software engineering during his off days while spending time with his wife and dog.