The Company

TRITERRA is a property developer based in Kuala Lumpur with its signature project named The MET Corporate Towers located in Mont’ Kiara. It is a brand formed through the synergistic merger of Keystone and Impetus, two heavyweights in the property development industry that have core values on the delivery of quality products and services. People are of the utmost importance to Triterra with its human-centric philosophy ingrained into the DNA of all Triterra’s projects, thus enabling the company to respond in a timely fashion to the ever-evolving needs of customers and the community.

Meet Chia Li from TRITERRA

With over eight years of experience in the HR industry, Chia Li joined TRITERRA as a People & Culture Assistant Manager with the objective of digitalising the company’s daily HR operations. She is equipped with great knowledge and experience of HR software and is a keen enthusiast on digitalization for a company.

“Digitalisation is just a matter of time.”

Choosing The Right Solution

Since its establishment, TRITERRA has been on a gradual expansion with an increasing number of employees joining to cope with upcoming projects. The company was looking for a comprehensive HR solution with strong customer support at that time.

The procurement process for an HR software had commenced before Chia Li joined the company. Similar to many other companies, TRITERRA was on the lookout for the right HR software that could work with its growth while providing strong customer service support.

Chia Li encountered BrioHR in a Career Fair and upon researching online, she came across positive reviews about BrioHR as well as an active presence on LinkedIn. Upon Chia Li’s recommendation, TRITERRA eventually decided to go ahead with BrioHR after several discussions with BrioHR’s team.

Prior to having BrioHR, the company was executing its operations manually with Excel sheets, and had countless paperwork to do, which was tedious and time consuming. ‍With BrioHR, the processes are streamlined in an effective and efficient manner as all operations can now be automated. Plus, HR staff don’t have to worry about accuracy of calculations and local statutory contributions anymore.

“Customer support is key to choosing the right HR software.”

The Importance of Digitalisation

One of the main reasons Chia Li thinks most businesses are struggling with digital transformation is employees’ resistance to change. She mentioned that digital transformation requires change, especially when people are involved in the process. This is extremely difficult — not only does leadership need to be aligned, but the whole organisation often needs a cultural shift. Often, employees prefer the status quo and resist change. Also, costs and productivity will move in opposite directions in the initial stages before long-term benefits are realised.

For businesses or practitioners that are considering digitalisation, she advises them to do so as HR operations require high accuracy, and oftentimes inaccuracy happens due to human error – which is unavoidable. When a proper system is put in place, companies don’t have to worry about human error. This increases productivity at the workplace. Chia Li went on to emphasise that, “it’s undeniable that the implementation and trial phase is tough, but your burden will be greatly reduced once you get through it as more HR tasks are automated.”