BrioHR is honoured to be featured in an article by TechCrunch for being part of the Y Combinator program (one of the best global startup accelerators), and receiving USD1.3million in funding, which is an amazing opportunity to build on the solid growth that has already been achieved.

An interview with Benjamin Croc, CEO and co-founder of BrioHR

BrioHR: Building the future of HR Management Software

We are excited to announce our USD1.3M financing round with world renowned investors Y Combinator, East Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and well-respected business angels. On to the next phase of our journey to delight always more HR Teams with our unique HR Management Platform (have a quick look here: BrioHR Video Demo)

How it all started

Nabil Oudghiri, CTO and co-founder of BrioHR, and I met while completing our MBA at Insead. We came from very different backgrounds: I worked in MNCs building and managing large teams, while Nabil led complex IT projects for financial institutions. However, it quickly became clear to us that HR challenges are shared across industries and geographies, and that companies do not have the right tools to drive employee engagement and maximize productivity.

So many HR tools are available, yet so few really address the day to day needs of companies with 10 to 2,000 employees. Not the right feature set, not the right price, not flexible enough, too complex…the list goes on.

As a result, most companies still struggle with manual processes, and suffer from low employee engagement and productivity challenges. The HR function is often turned into an isolated, purely administrative one, with important information scattered across many sources (emails, excel spreadsheets, paper forms…). HR Teams end up spending a lot of time on lower value added activities and have little time left to play the strategic role that is theirs.

After observing the same pattern repeat every time we would talk to HR professionals, we decided to take the plunge and help bridge that gap.

What is the essence of BrioHR?

As we felt that there were no adequate tools in the market despite the fact that many existed, it was important for us to be in accordance with our convictions, and attack the issue from a different angle than what was predominant in the market: we put employee engagement first.

One of the most important yet overlooked parts of the employee experience happens during the onboarding. Yet, who enjoyed the onboarding processes they went through? Were there even processes? More often than not, no one expects you on your day 1, your manager is on a business trip for the week, and you end up falling asleep sifting through SOP.

Similarly for performance evaluation. It is widely considered as a stressful process, lacking objectivity, and wasting everybody’s time. Quite paradoxical when you know that increments and promotions are based on such evaluations. We wanted to help companies make it a continuous process, a coaching opportunity vs. a dreaded judgment.

So we started with those two areas and it quickly resonated with our clients. Many companies were looking for the right solution, one that would allow them to both digitize and enhance their processes in those areas, while helping them navigate change management.

Of course, while employee engagement is a key pillar of the HR spectrum, companies also need accuracy and compliance when managing their payroll and leaves, and when keeping employee records. Hence it was important for us to automate those processes as well. Fast and easy adoption was an added benefit now that everything needed was just one click away, making it easy for users to access all the information they need.

With a great Platform, and great clients, what’s next?

This funding round and our participation in Y Combinator, arguably the most renowned startup program in the world, is not an end in itself. It is in fact only the beginning. It validates the fact that we are on a meaningful journey, and it will help us achieve our next goals.

From its inception, BrioHR was designed to help companies with sophisticated needs to address all types of challenges when it came to designing, implementing, and sustaining processes. We invested a lot upfront to build a platform that is flexible and that delivers a lot of value, while remaining affordable.

In 2020, despite the challenges brought by the global Covid-19 pandemic, we kept releasing amazing features: enhanced performance management, recruitment, payroll management for both Malaysia and Singapore, multi-country leaves and subsidiary management, flexible employee and document database enabling customized reporting…and so many more.

Our Platform has now reached the point where it is recognized as one of the most competitive there is. In 2021, we will double down to make it even better, and our main goal will remain to help as many companies as possible to turbocharge their HR processes.

A glimpse of the amazing team lead by the co-founders, Benjamin Croc and Nabil Oudghiri, to build a new all-in-one and super easy-to-use HR software.

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