International Human Solidarity Day – 20 December

Solidarity binds people together as one. At the workplace, we don’t choose who we work with – a workforce is made up of a diverse team with people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders, beliefs, and many other aspects.

How can companies intentionally foster diversity? 

Value differences

Acknowledging differences is the first step to promoting diversity. Value individuals for who they are instead of fitting them into boxes.

Encourage open conversations to have a deeper understanding of every individual’s uniqueness and comprehend how their expertise can be an asset to the company. A valued employee will perform better

Specify a common goal

Every individual needs to know and understand the target to achieve in the company. When all team members work towards the same goal, regardless of their dissimilarities, there is a highly likelihood of success. 

Understand the advantage of cross-cultural competencies

The benefits of having a multi-cultural team is that each individual perceives a problem from a different angle and is also able to come up with a different solution. Having various ways of approaching a situation might lead to conflicts but it isn’t always a bad thing. Disagreements can breed innovation and positive change.

Create a safe environment for better collaboration

Speculations and assumptions are commonly made by employees when matters or decisions aren’t transparent. Leaders play an important role in practicing transparency on a daily basis for it to cascade down to lower levels for greater cooperation among team members. 

Give constructive feedback

Taking the time to explain something is necessary to help give a team member meaningful feedback. Team members will know if they are doing things right and what they can improve.

Get to know others

Affinity brings individuals closer together. When team members get to know each other better, they tend to be more flexible and work easily together. Create tasks or projects which demands team members to collaborate collectively. 

How do you promote diversity?


Do you value differences in employees?


Is your company policies flexible enough for HR to recruit a diverse team?

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