International Day for Tolerance 16 November

Disagreements that happen between employees are practically inevitable. In fact, in today’s workplace, people actually leave their jobs due to toxic work teams. It is indispensable for companies to intervene if these conflicts are affecting the employees’ work and productivity. Otherwise, it is preferable for companies to stay away from personal issues when it is not work related.


Companies are encouraged to adopt a culture that fosters collaboration, encouragement, and unity at the workplace. Fostering mutual understanding among people working together is one of the key values in order to practice tolerance. It is more important than ever in this era where individuals have different ideas and opinions for employees to broaden their mindset to better understand and learn from others.


How do companies deal with employees having conflicts and what solutions can they provide to counter intolerance?

Setting solid company values shape your culture. The core values must be adopted by all on a daily basis. This helps set basic standards which cultivates a harmonious environment.


Greater emphasis should be placed on educating employees more about having a growth mindset. Educate them about how to listen and accept others’ perspectives without ego or judgement, which can help them find innovative new solutions or simply grow as an individual.


It is also crucial for employees to differentiate between facts and opinions. Very often people mistake an opinion for a fact and then base their reactions on that.

Often conflicts erupts because one person doesn’t feel heard. Just making someone feel heard can help. Here’s where HR can step in when they identify a conflict between two employees. HR can often look at things from an outside viewpoint and spot what can’t be seen close up. They can institute policies & processes and offer the training necessary, for employees to address conflict or negativity in a constructive manner.

HR can guide employees to find a solution to their issues and as often as possible let them handle it by themselves. Following up with them is the most difficult part but crucial to let them know you are there to help them work it out.

When it is work related, the fact that people disagree isn’t a bad thing, it’s how companies manage conflicts that can result in loss of productivity or gain in solidarity & diversity. 

Not dealing with these issues can make just coming into the office stressful and uncomfortable for everyone involved as the tension between these individuals affects their work as well as others working closely to them. Handled constructively, HR’s intervention as a coach and guide can help them work through it on their own instead of solving it for them.

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