Finally found the ideal person for the position you’ve spent weeks even months looking for? What happens next is the most challenging part. Everything you do from this moment on is going to shape the new joiners’ employee journey. 


Retain your employees in 3 steps:

1. Engage before Day1

Get them to send you their personal details and documents even before they join so they don’t have to deal with these administrative issues, which can be rather stressful, on their first day of work.

2. Provide visibility

Share details on the tasks they are expected to complete for the position they are taking up, let them know what and how you expect them to contribute, give them a peek of the company’s culture and values. This will give them more clarity about how their skills and abilities can be beneficial to the company.n everyone.

3. Maximize interaction

Get them to do fun activities with colleagues to learn fast and mingle around. Talks with managers about tasks or duties directly related to their work give them a more specific understanding of what is expected out of them. This makes them feel part of the company right from the start.

Every step during the onboarding process is going to have a favorable or detrimental impact on the employee’s life cycle. This is where their perception of their upcoming job is made. When efforts are put into the onboarding process, new joiners have a sense of inclusion right from the start. Both managers and new joiners will see how impactful this could be in terms of performance and productivity.

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