On 26 November 2019, BrioHR was honored to participate in the SME CEO Forum the “Industrial Revolution 4.0”, bringing insights and smiles to a ballroom of SME owners, leaders & representatives.

We were also very thrilled & honored to have the Minister of Entrepreneur Development, Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof, visit our booth and spend time chatting with our Cofounder & CEO, Benjamin Croc about advancing SME digitization and readiness for the future of work in the face of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Prior to the Minister’s visit, our CEO shared a new way of thinking about HR with forum attendees. In his presentation to SMEs, titled “Digitizing HR for optimal company performance“, Benjamin highlighted several damaging misconceptions about HR, and ways to address them for increased productivity (and profitability). 

Chief among the key takeaways was that HR can and shouldplay a strategic role to support top management with insights and planning, apart from other common HR responsibilities such as recruitment, retention, and managing workplace cohesion. 

Minister of Entrepreneur Development Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof (middle) chats with BrioHR Cofounder & CEO Benjamin Croc (left) and Head of Sales Simon Chow (right) at the SME CEO Forum 2019 in Pullman Bangsar

“HR is NOT just an admin function, and more companies need to realize this. HR is a strategic partner to the organization.”

– BrioHR Cofounder & CEO, Benjamin Croc

However, BrioHR notes that not all HR teams are able to fulfill their strategic role due to a variety of factors such as:

1. Lacking time & resources due to processes and paperwork.

2. Not being equipped with the tools to easily extract relevant reports or analytics.

3. Not being seen as more than a support / administrative function.

It is our firm belief that, provided the right tools, HR teams in any organization, of any size, industry or maturity, will be able to showcase their higher level contributions to corporate planning & performance in Industrial Revolution 4.0.


1. By identifying opportunities early on through clear & actionable data

BrioHR’s Reporting & Analytics module, as well as built-in analytics functions across other modules, collects large volumes of data across every people-related touchpoint in the organization, and analyzes this data in order to identify patterns & insights – saving HR teams from having to spend weeks or months collating such information, sorting through it, and manually looking for relevant trends.

2. Optimizing recruitment and project teams

A fully-connected and intuitive HR system such as BrioHR’s allows companies to adjust and accommodate quickly when new needs or externalities arise. Project teams can be built quickly through the Smart Org Chart and Digital Employee Files, and new hire needs can be fed immediately into the Recruitment module.

3. Mobility & the breaking of barriers to business

Through connectivity & the cloud, HR teams and employees of organizations can complete HR-related tasks anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices – increasing speed & efficiency, and therefore freeing up more time for individuals to focus on more value-added tasks.

Till next we meet, keep doing it with brio!

(L-R): Jon Cohen (Head of People & Culture), Sasha Yap (Head of Marketing), Benjamin Croc (Cofounder & CEO)

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