Companies’ recruitment strategies are changing as recruiters are not looking for candidates who are actively looking for jobs on job seeker websites or unemployed. They are hunting for candidates that are passive job seekers who are currently employed and not looking for a new job but are open to good career opportunities that come their way. Why recruiters rather have these people than those who are actively looking for a job? That’s because these candidates have positive employment records and are satisfied with their work making them successful candidates.


Here are the trends companies are using to target passive job seekers to their company:


1. Recruitment Marketing

 Implementing marketing tactics such as inbound recruiting in your recruiting process by proactively nurturing and attracting individuals is how you are going to get these talented candidates you are looking for. Social media is where these candidates are often browsing and here is where you want to attract them. Continually attracting them with the goal to make them choose you as their next employer.


2. Employer Branding

 The latest trend is to make a company or employer as if it was a product and the customers being the candidates. So employer branding is applying methods that you would do for a product for it to have a good, attractive reputation and make it popular. By identifying and strengthening the company’s employer brand, recruiters can attract candidates by describing the company’s reputation as an employer.


3. Candidate Experience

 Studies have proven that candidates with positive experience would increase their purchase with the company. Candidate experience is the overall perception of a company’s recruiting process with their current, past and potential future candidates. Here we are talking about the entire experience that a candidate goes through from sourcing and screening to interviewing, hiring and ultimately onboarding with a company. This procedure is so crucial because when they’ve undergone a positive experience in their recruiting process, it is highly likely they accept the job offer or refer others to your company and even reapply in the future. 


4. Candidate Relationship

Attracting talent is done by recruiters from building a strong candidate relationship with current and potential future job candidates. They have a strong candidate relationship with these individuals by continuously improving and managing the methods used to build trust in them and the company. It’s an on-going process for recruiters to have a good amount of candidates they have sourced and are in good communication with, just to be able to pick out the best one at any given time.


5. Social Recruiting

With the evolution of smartphones in today’s modern world, if there’s something you want people to know about, social media channels are the ones that are going to help you get that information out. We’re talking about networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor. We’ve talked about passive job seekers, these are the individuals that are browsing through these mediums on a daily basis and here’s where your post is going to get their attention.


6. Automated Recruitment Tools

Anything that could be done in the fastest and simplest way attracts individuals. So automation of recruiting process is a must if you want an efficient hiring process. The new trend is to have a software that integrates both Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruitment marketing solutions under one single platform. This way, recruiters can easily monitor and identify their future potential candidate to spend time nurturing and communicating better with them.


When recruiting you have to be agile and responsive. It’s essential to take into account the internal needs of the company but what’s far more important is to focus on talent trends and not current business needs. This approach is critical in today’s hiring process as recruiters are shifting away from fixed planning and resourcing to get the best and most suitable person for a job position in the company.


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